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Gregory Ladele

Chief Medical Officer

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ladele supervises and directs the delivery of healthcare services for incarcerated patients in more than 135 correctional facilities throughout the country. His passion for the underserved and experience in strategic leadership align with the mission of Corizon’s clinical programs: To provide healthcare in a safe and efficient environment, using evidence-based healthcare and clinical practices for superior care delivery to all patients Corizon serves. Dr. Ladele dreamt of being a physician from his earliest memory and continues his commitment to the principle that all people, despite the setting or circumstance, deserve great healthcare. He first exemplified this passion while practicing primary care in the private practice sector in Florida were caring for the underserved was a primary focus. The commitment took on a new dimension when Dr. Ladele began his journey of treating incarcerated patients. In this environment, he learned that his clinical skills would have a greater purpose in service to a sometimes-ignored population. He set his sights on advocacy for these patients and encouraging all of his peers to follow his lead.

Dr. Ladele has utilized his operational and clinical expertise in managing various facilities, including a hospital system in which he served a dual role as a Chief Health Officer and Medical Executive Director. In this role, he managed a busy surgical Center, a multi-disciplinary, outpatient specialty clinic system, inpatient psychiatric units, and cancer treatment center. (This system also assisted in managing healthcare for approximately 100,000 incarcerated patients.) Dr. Ladele’s commitment to pursuing medicine took root during his undergraduate studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga., where he graduated with Honors. He went on to complete his M.B.A. from Tennessee State University in Nashville. Dr. Ladele received his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ-SOM), then completed his medical training with a residency in Family Medicine (and concentration in urban medicine) from The Ohio State University. He has also spent time abroad with international mission work in Zimbabwe and other nations, where he helped improve clinical outcomes for patients with chronic illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure.

Gregory Ladele
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